Queue (queue) wrote,

I've done pretty much nothing besides watch TV today. At least I got out and got some honey. I'm on vacation this week. I decided to do that last week. I've just been feeling kind of off and not . . . I don't know, not interested in things or something. I'm hoping that the stress of moving is causing at least some of this, so that it will be at least a bit better when moving is done.

I guess I'm also a bit apprehensive about switching over to editorial full-time. We've hired a new production editor, and she's starting at the end of this month. That means I'm officially going to be moving over to editorial. And I still have doubts about how well I'll be able to do the job. With production, organization not quite as essential. I mean, you still need to be organized, but, really, a lot of the job is about just plugging away at typesetting a book. Editorial work is a lot more about the organization, what with the following up with developing projects and the like. And I just don't have very good organizational skills. I know it's something that can be learned, and I'm working on it, but I'm just not feeling very good about my abilities in that area.

And I'm finding it hard to do anything other than sit here and watch TV. I really should be packing, and I guess I'll start that pretty soon. But I just have so much stuff, stuff that I don't need. I really wish I just had a big dumpster so that I could just pitch like half of my stuff. Or I could be doing something like writing, but that's even harder than packing. Blergh. Watching Fargo now. Gonna watch CSI and then The Lost Boys. It's going to be weird to not have cable at the new place. Maybe it will actually force me to do productive things. Or maybe I'll get a car and start spending more time in town. Or maybe I'll start working out in the evenings. Or maybe I'll start reading more and just sit at home all the time like I do now. Blergh.

I'm not sure what to do, or how to get things to a better place. Maybe I really should quit my job and do nothing for a year.

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