Queue (queue) wrote,

The Big Trip

Cthulhia, Prog, and I leave today for Origins. Whee. All packed up with my stuff in my car. Good thing I don't have to take my car there. Ah, crap, I forgot to print up the rules to Martian Bubbles. Well, duh, I can print them up here at work, especially since most people aren't in yet. Although there's enough of a delay for the printer that I can get there before stuff prints. I had wanted to clean up the rules a little and come up with a nice compact format, business card size, that I could pass around to people at Origins. Oh well, no big deal. Not like it's an amazing game or anything, although I have yet to play a real game of it. I'm hoping to be able to play in the pool at the hotel, but we'll see.

I may or may not have internet access while I'm there. I know there will be laptops there I can use, but whether or not those are going to get connected to the Internet is still undecided. And, besides, I'm not sure how much time I want to spend online when I've got oodles of gaming available.

I told myself that I would try to keep a journal for the trip. I suppose I should write something up when I get to Cthulhia's after work, just before the start of the trip. And as long as I write at least a little every night, I'll feel like I've done it.

So, see y'all in a week.
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