Queue (queue) wrote,

I had some bad and sad dreams last night. I only remembered one of them, but the emotions from all of them stayed with me as I lay in bed this morning. I felt like staying in bed and not dealing with anything today. I've been finding it difficult to get of bed and face the world, lately. I'm not sure exactly what it is. Maybe part of it is the subconscious moving stress (I haven't really been thinking about it). Part of it is probably that I don't get enough exercise. Part of it is probably that I don't get to bed early regularly enough. Part of it is probably my poor diet. Part of it is probably that I don't find my job as exciting as I used to. I wonder if I could be satisfied with an easy job. I enjoyed working the front counter at Burger King after college. Maybe I could do something like that again. Or maybe I should really look into doing freelance work. I could probably pretty easily find a roommate situation that would enable me to cut my living expenses in half. That plus the pile of cash I have could enable me to work infrequently as a freelancer for quite some time. Hell, I could probably stop working right now and live frugally for 2-3 years doing absolutely nothing.

I know myself well enough to try to find some balance in the other parts of my life before I actually consider changing jobs. I really do have a great job. I think I tend to effect large changes in my life to make me feel better about my life, but I think that the large changes rarely get at the real problem, rather just distracting me from the real problem for another length of time. Quitting my job would actually be a very easy thing to do on some levels. I think that's part of it. The large changes can be very easy to make, but the more subtle changes are a lot more difficult and take more time.

Speaking of time, it's probably time I got to work.
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