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Watched the first disc of the second season of Six Feet Under last night. I'm not entirely sure why Nate stays with Brenda. And I wonder how David is going to turn his life around. I mean, this is TV, so he has to, right?

I picked up the keys to my new place, and then I celebrated by getting a pizza from Figs and a Foxtrot book from Wellesley Booksmith.

I don't have a clock in my bedroom. If I want to wake up at a certain time, I bring my watch into the bedroom and set its alarm. Last night, I went to bed without bringing my watch with me. I realized this after I had gotten into bed, and I decided to just leave it. I thought that maybe I would sleep better if I didn't have to worry about what time it was in the middle of the night or in the morning.

So I woke up at some point when it was light, and then eventually got up. I was thinking it was probably close to 8, but it was actually only 7. So I've spent some time this morning putzing around online. It's the same thing I did yesterday morning, but I started later yesterday morning, which got me in to work around 9:45. I will likely be in to work around 8:45 today, which is good.

I've got a production project to keep me busy for a while, and then some smaller miscellaneous production tasks (archiving completed books and putting together Amazon Search Inside the Book files for some books). I may do some work on the journal, but I probably won't do too much editorial stuff today unless I hear back from my bosses and can go ahead and prepare a contract.

I'm getting the urge again to write more about work. There's interesting stuff going on that I could write about, only I don't think I can write about it in public, or even semi-public. As I mentioned before, I don't want any chance of stuff I say about an author reaching that author, and I also don't want to be talking about projects before we've announced them. Meh.
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