Queue (queue) wrote,

Another Chapter in My Exciting Life

I had leftover pasta for dinner again, although I finished it off, so I'll have to figure something else out tonight. Actually, maybe I'll pick up something at Figs, as I'm heading to the new place after work to pick up keys. I think I might bring a tape measure with me so that I can start planning what to put where and what to get rid of.

I watched The Weather Man, which was fun. I played some poker, too. I took 1,000 play chips to one of the small tables and turned it into 13,000 play chips. Then I moved onto one of the bigger tables. I lost 8,000, then I lost 20,000. Then I took 18,000 and eventually turned that into 60,000. If I had quit then, I would have been way up for the day. However, I kept playing until I had lost it all. So, a net loss for the day as far as play chips go, but I had fun. I also watched some poker on TV, which was fun. Fun fun fun. Everything is fun.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to get cable at my new place. I've only had cable twice in my life, and I've never paid for it (a few channels came with our apartment in Texas, and the DIRECTV in my current place comes with the apartment). I guess I'm leaning towards not getting it for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I'm cheap. Also, not having something to watch at every hour of the day might get me to do more productive things, like exercise, cleaning, and possibly even something creative.
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