Queue (queue) wrote,

I watched Lord of War last night. It stars Nicolas Cage as an arms dealer. Fun little movie. I think I got sucked into the character, so that, in the end, I didn't really care that all the bad stuff happened to him, and it seemed right that he would just go on selling guns.

Besides watching the movie, I also played some online poker last night. I was in another tournament and did OK for a while but finished like 547th out of 900. I think maybe the one time I came in second in a tournament was a fluke. Still, it's fun, and I'll keep playing.

I've got The Weather Man (another Nicolas Cage movie) and the first disc of the second season on Six Feet Under waiting for me at home. Tonight will probably find me watching The Weather Man and playing some poker. What an exciting life I lead. I suppose I should try to get to bed early tonight and go running tomorrow morning. I haven't been running since the race a week and a half ago.

Oh, and some time today I should call my new landlord and arrange a time tomorrow to pick up the keys and stuff.
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