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The past two nights, I had dreams about the same person, dreams of a romantic/relationshipy nature. Nothing really sexual that I recall. Not someone I've ever been in a relationship with, and not the person I dreamed about last week. One bit of last night's dream is making me recall a specific instance from a past relationship (a memory enhanced by a photograph), so I wonder if some of the things I find attractive about this person remind me of that past relationship. (Man, I'm not going to know what any of this means a year from now.)

In the first night's dream, the two of us went to an arcade and played games together. In this arcade, you carried around a wand/rod that you inserted into each machine. Inserting the wand let the machine know who you were so that it could keep track of your scores on all of the games. She showed me how to play some hockey game that was mechanical rather than digital. You had to do something on one side, and then you moved to the other side of the machine and did something else. She did it well, and then I tried it and was too slow moving to the other side of the machine.

In the second night's dream, she was sitting on the porch of the place she lived or worked or something, and I walked by on the sidewalk. After I had passed her, she shouted out to me and told me that she liked me (she said it in several sentences, but I don't remember anything specific that she said). She was a bit drunk, and in the dream I understood that she actually did feel that way but was too shy to say so without being drunk. Later in the dream, I was on my way to a class with a friend, and I was walking by her dorm room. I ditched the friend to sneak into the dorm room. She was in there and naked, and I tried to get in and shut the door quickly so no one could see, while at the same time trying to make sure she stayed quiet so that she wouldn't draw attention to her/us.

I had another dream last night, where I was going back to graduate school. I arrived at Advanced Chemistry on the first day, and the instructor asked us to turn in our assignment. I had no idea what he was talking about, and so I asked. He seemed to think I was just trying to come up with an excuse for not having done the homework. I finally got out of him that he had apparently emailed the whole class seven months ago about some math homework to do for the class to be turned in on the first day, but I never received the email. He said he would look into it (as if he could determine if I had actually read the email). This was said in a way that implied that he thought I had of course received the email. I wondered if it might have gone into my spam folder, and I wondered if the method he would use to determine if I had read it would be able to tell that it had gone into my spam folder.

Then, for the duration of the class, we played Texas Hold 'em on our laptops. I did well with the flop. I had a 9 and something else, and the flop was A98. By the way people were betting, I felt pretty sure that no one else had an ace. And then the turn was another ace, and for some reason I got really worried again. And then class ended before the river card, so we would have to wait until the next class. But there was something weird: at the end of the class, the deck got shuffled, and we could watch it being shuffled on our computer screens. The way it was shuffled, you could see the cards left in the deck, and I saw the other two aces in the deck. I queried the professor about this, and he confirmed that it was supposed to be like that. It seemed odd to me.

And then he assigned us to read something like 7 chapters of the book for the next class. He didn't say anything about doing problems in those chapters, but then I thought that maybe in graduate school, it was assumed that you would do the problems when reading was assigned. Some girl in the class came up to me after class and offered to let me join her study group. They were meeting right then, so I agreed, feeling very grateful. Then someone I had known in grade school came up to me and asked me what I was talking to the girl about. I didn't feel I could invite him along to the study group, but I felt bad telling him about it since I didn't want him to feel left out. So I told him about my conversation with the girl, but I switched the order of things around so that he would get the impression that I had started talking to her about studying first and that she had then asked me to join her study group. It turned out that he had to get to an opera practice right then, though, so I hadn't needed to worry about it, since he couldn't make it to the study group right then, anyway.

Back in real life, I'm starting German class at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education tonight, but I'm not worried about that at all. I'm a bit stressed about work, though, which is probably where the dream stress is coming from.
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