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Checking it twice - Queue — LiveJournal
June 29th, 2002
08:28 am


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Checking it twice
Yes, before going to bed last night, I actually made a list of things I wanted to get done today. I think I caught this disease from someone. And I've already started one of the items on my list. Here's my list:

- get resume out to HBSP (cover letter written and awaiting in-house proofreading)
- clean out car (probably do that after I start some laundry)
- figure out tournament scheduleing
- buy snacks for tournament
- pack games for Origins
- print out copies of Martian Bubbles
- figure out a small size configuration for Martian Bubbles rules
- write something
- laundry (added to the list this morning, and I'm off to get that started right now)

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