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I went and saw a place in Wellesley last night. Right in the center of Wellesley, less than a 10-minute walk from my current place, which still makes it walking distance to work. No tub, but I think I can learn to deal. A bit less than I'm paying now. I filled out an application with the broker and put down a deposit. Then I came home and told my current landlord, who then told me that they might not be selling the place after all. They may end up buying another place and renting out both apartments in the house, which means I could stay there. Of course, they aren't going to make that decision until this weekend, and I don't know how quickly this other place will move (I haven't signed a lease yet). On the one hand, not moving is good, and I like my current place. The kitchen in the new place is a bit better, but otherwise, my current place is better. On the other hand, if they're going to end up selling the place in another year or two anyway, then it might be better to just move now to this place that is decent and doesn't change my lifestyle much (i.e., I won't have to get a car).

So I guess I'll wait and see what happens. I spent time last night worrying about it when I should have been sleeping. And then I had a bad dream that really stressed me out, and I spent time worrying about that dream when I should have been sleeping. And work isn't going to be particularly fun this week, so I spent time worrying about that when I should have been sleeping. If I didn't have some really time-sensitive things going on at work, I might have stayed home. Of course, being at work (once I actually start working, that is) has the potential for distracting me from the housing stuff.
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