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My sister and her husband had an offer accepted on a house in Medford over the weekend. If all goes well, they will be closing on June 30th, doing some work on it, then moving in a bit later. They are first-time home buyers and are obviously very excited. It's a nice three-bedroom house with a fenced-in back yard, and it's in a nice neighborhood (between Tufts and the Mystic River).

Anyway, I mapped out directions from their new place to my place, and it said that it would take half an hour (yes, I know those aren't always accurate times, but it's a good rough estimate). And it got me thinking. If I'm not able to find a place in Wellesley, I could find a place somewhere that is closer to town ("town" generally meaning "Boston", but in a practical sense it means the greater Boston area, since that's where my friends live and where events happen) and then get a car to commute to work. Yes, I don't want a car, but a commute of 15-30 minutes wouldn't be the worst thing, especially if it meant I was closer to people and things, and possibly on the T instead of on the commuter rail, and also didn't have to pay quite as much in rent. So maybe something like Medford, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, or Newton might work. Or I guess I could look into renting in the Back Bay and taking the commuter rail to work.

So, we'll see. Anyone have any suggestions? Or would anyone who wasn't willing to move to Wellesley be willing to move to one of the above-mentioned places?
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