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In one dream, I was at a party or something, and this person I know was there. She was wearing a nice dress, and I told her she looked good in it. Then we had this conversation that was kind of indirect and flirty, where she asked if I liked her (with the implication being "in that way"), then made some other comment, then I answered her other comment, then I said "Yes" in response to liking her. It felt kind of like the smooth and witty conversations that happen on TV or in written fiction but never seem to happen in real life (at least not in my real life). It went on like that for a little bit, and then she explained to me that she thought I was cute and smart, but that my pride was what kept her from wanting to be with me.

This is a person I've dreamed about before. I haven't figure out if the dreams are actually about her or just about me trying to figure out relationship-y stuff in general. In my post-dream semi-wakefulness, I came up with the connection that this person reminds me in some way (maybe her build?) of my first real high-school crush.

In another dream, I managed to put together an opening sequence of a Law & Order show. I haven't watched much Law & Order the past couple of weeks, but I've certainly watched enough of it to have the formula down. Maybe I should try writing a story that follows one of the Law & Order story archetypes.
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