Queue (queue) wrote,

Another near miss

Having escaped arrest in New York for breaking and entering, this morning I escaped a ticket for driving without my license, even though I actually had my license. The short form of the story:

I was in a fender bender this morning. A car stopped short going onto a rotary, a van bumped the car, and then I bumped the van. The guy in the car decided he wanted the police called and eventually got taken to the hospital. He was complaining that his neck hurt, but it really was a minor collision, so probably some soft tissue damage if anything. So, anyway, we're waiting around for the cops (with the guy in the car refusing even to pull off to the side of the rotary, causing major traffic problems. The other guy and I each spent considerable time trying to convince him to pull his car off), and I was searching for my wallet and realized I didn't have it. Well, turns out the cop never even asked me for my license, I just showed my registration, and she got the info from that. When I had left this morning, I found that I had brought my backpack along as well as my normal work satchel, just sort of in autopilot mode, since I had carried my backpack around with me this weekend. So, once I finally got to work, I thought to check my backpack, and, sure enough, I had stuffed my wallet in there before leaving the house.

So that's the story of how I narrowly escaped getting a ticket for driving without a license when I had my license with me.
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