Queue (queue) wrote,

I'm Glad I Asked for a One-Year Lease

My landlords told me that they need more room, so they're either going to be expanding into the upstairs or are going to sell the house. This means that they're not renewing the lease. They said that I could move out before the end of September if I wanted to, so I get the feeling that I would have been out of here a bit sooner if I didn't have the one-year lease.

I really like my current location, being in a nice, quiet neighborhood that's a short walk to work. I also like the place. And it figures that I've just started getting to where I have most of my things unpacked and put away. Still, this should be an easier move, as I've gotten rid of a load of stuff since the last move, and I'm likely to get rid of some more.

I'm pretty sure I prefer to get a place by myself, but just in case anyone I know is looking to move to Wellesley . . .
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