Queue (queue) wrote,

Accidental Haiku

So, I was just sitting on the toilet at work, and, for some reason, I was thinking about limericks. Then I started thinking about the series of limericks I saw somewhere once where the subject of each limerick was about breaking the form of the limerick and talking about that breaking of the form at the same time. Then I started thinking about doing something like that where a limerick's first three lines were taken as a haiku, where it talks about turning a limerick into a haiku. Then I started thinking about what I would say about a haiku. Then I started thinking about why that particular syllable count was chosen, and I decided that it's because it's pretty, and also because it is good for doing a certain kind of observation about nature. Then I started thinking of how I would convey this if I were teaching this in a class. I imagined myself just coming up with a haiku on the spot in front of a class, to show the kind of thing haiuk was good for. Then I actually came up with this haiku.

Sun breaks through my blinds
Like egg yolks break on my plate.
The sun is a yolk.
Tags: poetry
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