Queue (queue) wrote,


I'm cleaning up my desk looking for a paper, and I came across last week's marketing update, which lists, among other things, what conferences we have coming up. Seeing that prompted me to add upcoming conferences to the calendar on the wall at work. I had another conference added last week that I'm going to (a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Dartmouth AI conference), so that brings the total for the calendar year up to eight, unless something else gets added. Of those eight, six are between June and November, an average of one a month. I really like going to conferences, as talking to people about our books really gets me energized about work.

I have a feeling that, once I shift over to full-time editorial work, I may end up going to a lot more gaming conferences in a bid to hear about new book projects and to make my face known in the community.
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