Queue (queue) wrote,

A good weekend

More chafing of my inner thigh after running on Saturday morning. After running, I spent a few hours getting some work done. Then I watched some West Wing, finishing off Season 6. Not quite sure what I did the rest of Saturday. Probably just watched TV, although I did go for a short walk to drop the Netflix envelopes off at the post office.

Sunday I went into town. I bought a pair of running shorts at EMS in Harvard Square. They're supposed to "wick" the moisture away from your skin, so I'm hoping that they'll solve the chafing problem. I was planning on running again this weekend, but I didn't sleep well either Sunday night or Monday night (stupid heat), so I didn't get up early to go running.

Sunday afternoon I played some games: Jungle Speed, Tichu, and Condottiere. All of them are ostensibly card games, but they're very different. Jungle Speed requires quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. Tichu is more like a normal card game. Condottiere has a board, and you're trying to win territory with your cards. The most interesting thing about it is that there is a lot of "group think" involved, so there really isn't a consistent winning strategy. I've played it twice now and haven't done all that well either time, which is kind of unusual for me with a card game.

Then I had dinner with hrafn in Harvard Square at a Malaysian place (Penang, I think). It was OK, except I should remember to never order a whole fish (stupid bones). Then we went to Million Year Picnic, where I picked up Deogratias, Vampire Loves, and Box Office Poison. Deogratias is a bit frightening, as it's about the Rwandan genocide, but it's done in a really good way. Vampire Loves is very cute and very French. The same author apparently did a series called Little Vampire, aimed more at kids, I gather. This one is definitely not for kids. I started Box Office Poison as I was going to sleep last night, and so far I'm enjoying it almost as much as I enjoyed Tricked, another graphic novel by Alex Robinson. After Million Year Picnic, we went for ice cream and walked around for quite a while and talked.

Monday was birthday cake day, thanks to magid. Yum. Very sweet cake, probably too sweet for some people. And then I went chez Ramkosch for some Doctor Who and Robot Chicken, finally seeing the second half of a Doctor Who two-parter that I saw just about a year ago in England.

Today looks to be a relatively quiet day at work, what with my bosses taking the day off and me being all caught up on my production projects. This means I can spend the day doing some organization and catching up on my editorial projects. And then I really should do some laundry and dishes and other general cleaning at the house when I get home. And I should have a decent amount of time at home tonight, since I might actually be able to leave by 5 today, or *gasp* maybe even before 5.

I will definitely go running tomorrow morning, I think.
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