Queue (queue) wrote,

[Running, 2.4 miles]

I love that it gets light early. My natural rhythm seems to give me more energy in the morning. So, in the summer, when I actually manage to get to bed early, I really like waking up on my own really early. I was asleep by 10 last night and woke up around 5:30. Got out of bed around 6, got up and checked email/LJ, and then went for a run.

I didn't plan the route in advance, but I managed 2.4 miles, longer than any of my runs thus far. I felt pretty good during it, except that my inner thighs were chafing near the end. Running in boxers and sweatpants probably isn't the best idea. I suppose I should get some of those stretchy running shorts if I'm actually going to be running.

The race is 10 days away. It's 3.5 miles, so I want to run that far at least a couple of times before the actual race. I really do hope I can beat my sister. In some ways, it might be better if I don't, because you can be damned sure that I'll be running every day if my sister beats me in this race.

OK, seriously, I feel really good right now. I need to do this every morning, at least in the summer. Stupid dark winter.
Tags: running
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