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Thought I'd take a break from cleaning and play a little online poker, since I hadn't in a while. It happened that there was a tournament starting at 11:15, so I played in that. I bullied people all game ("buying" the pots), and ended up with the chip lead at he final table. Came in second in the tournament, due to a bad beat on the river. But, man, was that fun. 4.5 hours, and my heart was pounding the whole time.

I won 53,000 playchips. You can bring your self up to a total of 1,000 playchips any time you want, and it costs 4,000 playchips to get into some of the bigger tables, so 53,000 playchips is quite a lot.

I loved being able to read people. I loved the interaction. I would have loved it a lot more in person. I've been watching a lot of poker on TV. I'm sure that's helped a lot. Besides being able to see what professionals do, I also get to listen to what the commentators have to say about how the professionals are playing.

Time to get back to cleaning (although I'm mostly done, actually).
Tags: poker
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