Queue (queue) wrote,


Okay, I'm going to stop myself at the three cookies (or was it four?) that I've already had. We'll see how many get eaten tomorrow when I bring them into work.

While making these cookies, I was struck by the realization that I actually want to make food to bring into work. Even when I've liked some co-workers at previous jobs, I've never felt like work was a place I needed to bring stuff in to share with co-workers. But with this job, I'm actually excited about being able to bring smiles to my co-workers' faces with some chocolate-chip cookies.

Speaking of food, I made meatloaf last night from some ground lamb I had. The meat, an egg, some water, some scallions, some Worcestershire sauce, some saltines, and some garlic powder. Drizzled some ketchup on top and yum. I had some for lunch and for dinner today. Probably lunch and dinner tomorrow, too.

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