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So I've been fairly focused on getting this chapter out by Tuesday, so it's not hanging over my head while I'm gone. So, yesterday, I was thinking about how I had three more working days to get it done. It wasn't until much later in the day that it struck me that, yes, it's Thursday, which means there's only one more working day until the weekend. It was a pretty nice realization.

Speaking of this chapter, I found out yesterday that I'm going to get some help with it. It's from one of the newer people in the office who seems to be fairly competent, so I don't mind sharing the workload. Plus, he's going to be doing a few things that I wasn't particularly excited about doing, so that's good. And my chapter supervisor is doing another (small) part, so I can tell how much they really want to get this chapter out. It's the last chapter to go out for first edit for this book, so I'm sure it looks really bad sticking out on the weekly status reports.

Once I get this done, there will be a period of about two weeks where I'm waiting to get comments back so that I can start the final edit on this chapter. Not sure what they're going to have me do then. I'm not going to make too much noise about not having anything to do until I'm sure I don't have anything to do. Things have a way of popping up around here, and I don't want to be in the middle of something and have something else pop up and end up being late on the thing I started.

Two more weeks (which happens to be only 6 more work days after today) until I tell them here if I'm interested in staying on longer than this extra month. I still have a couple of resumes out there, and I'm going to send off one more today after work. If I haven't heard anything from any of them in two weeks, I guess I'll tell them I'll stay here for another 3 months if they can make me happy. Making me happy entails a 5% raise and the ability to work on things that I find interesting. We'll see what happens.

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