Queue (queue) wrote,

Back at work today and feeling better. I had a pear when I got to work, and then I had some ginger ale (I went to the store last night and picked up some eight-ounce cans of ginger ale. They're so cute). I've been snacking on some saltines, too. Yes, I'm feeling better, but I want to try to take it easy on my stomach. I'm planning to have PB&J for lunch, and maybe an avocado.

I'm fairly certain that yesterday was my first sick day at this job. A little more than a year on the job and just one sick day taken. Pretty good record, I'd say. I don't really get sick very often at all, although there are certainly days where I could have stayed home if I didn't care so much about my job.

I got my first paycheck that reflects my raise. One thing I hadn't thought about was that my 401k contribution went up, since it's a percentage of my income instead of a fixed dollar amount.
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