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Food Log | A Productive Day

5/13/2006, 9:30 AM - 1/2 of a raspberry danish twist.
12:00 PM - a pear.
12:45 PM - a couple of swigs of chocolate soy milk and two fortune cookies.
1:50 PM - a couple of swigs of chocolate soy milk.
5:00 PM - 2 bowls of ziti with broccoli and black beans (with red curry paste, lemon juice, ginger powder, garlic, salt, and cayenne)
11:00 PM - another bowl of pasta and some orange juice.
I did some dishes and some laundry and picked up a bit in the living room and in my bedroom. And I watched eight episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Two more episodes to go, and then I'm all caught up on the DVDs that are out. Next up in my Netflix queue is the sixth season on The West Wing. Tomorrow I'm going to finish up the dishes and get the kitchen, living room, and office completely in shape, and maybe get my bedroom most of the way in shape. And I'm also planning on going shopping. I hope there's a bit of a break in the rain.
Tags: food
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