Queue (queue) wrote,

One-Year Review

I had my one-year review for my job today. I had to briefly answer a number of thoughtful questions about how I approach my job (I got them ahead of time and handed them in today). Then I went out to dinner with my bosses. We discussed some of my answers, some about the future of my job, how I was going to improve, and various other job-related things. I guess I got a promotion, although I won't transition to being a full-time editor until we hire another production person. Still, I guess I can say I am now promoted. My official title has changed from "Project Manager" to "Editor". It doesn't really mean much to me or anyone else in the company, but it lets outside people know what my role is when I hand them my business card.

And I got a pretty nice raise. More than 3 times the percentage raises I got at my last job.

And my stated career goal of running the entire computer editorial program at my company was said to be desirable by my bosses.
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