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Another weekend where I didn't get much done around the house. Er, and I haven't been running in a while. I need to clean the house, and I need to go running (otherwise my sister might beat me in the race I'm running in June, and that would be very bad).

I went and saw The Sweetest Swing in Baseball at the BCA, which was a lot of fun. Thanks to magid for the recommendation and to bitty and bubblebabble for the tickets. Then there was lots of wandering around trying to find a place to eat, followed by some actual eating, followed by some Robot Chicken and Doctor Who.

Before the play, I went to the library in search of an L. E. Modesitt, Jr., book that pling had mentioned. I found the second and third books in that series, but not the first. Modesitt is very much into writing series, so I tried to start in on some of his other series (I'd only read books in the Recluce series, plus some standalones). Unfortunately, the library was also missing the first book in all of his other series. They had later books, and in some cases all of the books except the first. Anyway, I picked up the newest Recluce book and a standalone. Mostly finished with the Recluce one. It's typical for the series, which is good.

Then Sunday I went to a piano concert that was a thesis presentation by a friend of a coworker. Nice music, followed by a nice dinner with the coworker and the coworker's mother afterwards.

Meeting time at work now (it was delayed), so off I go.
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