Queue (queue) wrote,

The Hug Dream

Yesterday morning, I woke up in my hotel room from a dream. At the end of the dream, I was with a woman and told her that I felt like no one really liked me. I asked her for a hug, and she gave me one. I attempted to break the hug after just a little bit, since I didn't want to assume that she would want to hug me any longer than she had to because I had to ask for the hug. But she kept hugging me, and it was a strong, purposeful hug, one that she was using to show me that she liked me, and maybe even that I was worthwhile and cared for by other people. It was really an amazingly warm feeling.

I woke up, feeling a little let down that this wasn't a real experience. I lay there for a while, trying to remember who this woman was. It really felt like it was someone I knew, but I was having a hard time thinking of who it might be. I could only come up with a few likely people (likely for a couple of different reasons). I then started to think that this person might have been a composite of people I knew, or possibly a representation of my feminine side. I started thinking about some of the women I knew and what particular aspects of each woman would be combined to create someone who could make me feel like the woman in my dream made me feel. I had almost convinced myself that the dream person must have been a composite. Then I thought of who it was. The dream person is a real person, and actually, just typing this up right now I realize why that particular person was in the dream. When I was lying there in bed, I felt a little sadder when I realized who this person was, because I didn't really think I would be able to have that kind of relationship with this person.
Tags: dreams
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