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[Running, 2.1 miles] - Queue — LiveJournal
April 18th, 2006
08:55 am


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[Running, 2.1 miles]
Well, the map in my last entry was a little messed up. That particular map site seems to do weird things sometimes, and I don't have the inclination to figure out what's wrong right now. Let's try it on the other map site. I ran my work route with a little extra loop to make it just over 2 miles. I timed myself on this run. I made it in 20:47, which is just about exactly a 10-minute mile. I'll be happy for my first race if my pace is around an 8-minute mile; my fastest race in high school was at a pace of about 6:13 per mile (5K in 19:21). I weighed a lot less in high school, but I also had less muscle. I would be ecstatic if I eventually were able to match my high-school pace.

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