Queue (queue) wrote,

[Running, 1.7 miles] First day

I've decided I'm going to use my vacation as an opportunity to get used to running. I hope that, once I go back to work, it will be easier for me to run in the morning before work. I tend to wake up when it gets light, so there's plenty of time for me to wake up naturally and get in a run before work.

According to the Google Map Pedometer, I ran about 1.7 miles on a little route around the neighborhood. I probably could have run a little longer, but I decided I didn't want to push it too much on my first day. I think I'll start doing some running on some local trails, too, since the trails show up on the satellite view of the map. And maybe I'll start planning out my routes in advance and see how that goes, giving myself a goal that is a bit farther every day until I reach a respectable distance.
Tags: exercise, running
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