Queue (queue) wrote,

Last night was mostly a TV night. I watched various Law & Order shows (Law & Orders? Laws & Orders?), CSI, and Conviction. I guess Conviction counts as a Law & Order show, but I put it in a different category. Law & Order shows are about the cases, whereas Conviction is really about the main cast of characters. I was going to go to bed at 10 until I happened to notice that Conviction was on. Not sure why there was a new episode on a Tuesday. Friday is its regular night, and there's another new episode this Friday. Maybe they were testing out that time slot for a possible future move? And the show started late in the season, so maybe they're trying to fit a few more episodes in before the summer.

I also played a little online poker last night, one of the tournaments where the top nine finishers move onto another tournament where the top twenty finishers get a seat at the World Series of Poker. I think I finished higher than I had in any previous of those tournaments, somewhere around 1360 out of 1800. You really have to be quick to get into one of those tournaments: all 1800 seats filled up about twelve seconds after registration opened. I was doing well for a little while, pushing people out of hands where I was on a draw after the flop, or milking people for more chips when I was confident that I had the best hand. However, I tend to get too aggressive, doing things like betting a wired pair when there are overcards in the flop. I need to learn to just be patient.

Three more work days and then I'm on vacation for a week. I think I really need this break from work. I'm going to try really hard to not think much about work while I'm gone. Of course, I'm probably going to at least be checking email, since I'm in the middle of correspondence with a number of people. I'll try not to do too much actual work and instead just pass the important stuff along to other people in the office to deal with. In the mean time, I'm going to try to get as much done in the next three days as I can. The big book project is getting off to press on time, which is the only thing that might have stopped me from going on vacation. Everything else I'll try to look at as a bonus, which might make me feel like I'm getting more accomplished.

I should be getting Big Fish and Steamboy in the mail tonight. And I still have half of Good Bye, Lenin! to watch, but I'm finding it hard to get motivated to pick it back up again. I should just watch it as soon as I get home tonight, otherwise I'll probably never watch it. If I get all of these movies watched tonight, there's a chance that Netflix will send me three more movies on Friday so that I'll have a full load for the weekend. Or maybe I should try to do less media consumption on my vacation. Well, whatever; we'll see how it goes.
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