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Some highlights of the weekend:

My mom came in for a short visit. It was fine, although not terribly exciting. She got to meet zzbottom and magid. I think this visit confirmed for me how little a part of my life my mother is. And the fact that not having seen or talked to my father for a while hasn't bothered me has confirmed how little a part of my life he is. They're fine people, I'll happily visit with them from time to time, but I just don't feel any sort of connection like I used to. Maybe it's part of growing up, or maybe it's just a symptom of what my childhood was like.

Got invited for Shabbat lunch at a friend of a friend's. Very neat to get the invite. Also extremely neat for them to mention that they could use me (not being Jewish) to transport their kidlet on Shabbat so that they could go over to my friend's house for some Shabbat meal, since transpostation of kidlets is considered work, and thus not allowed on Shabbat. I got to hold the baby for a while, which was nice for me and a nice break for them. I also enjoyed the conversation (even though I felt a little hampered by not being sure how much I could talk about certain topics), and I even dried the dishes after lunch.

Went to Revere Beach on Sunday morning. For some reason, it just never struck me that there was an actual beach there. Yes, I've known that there is a place caled Rever Beach. I've just never connected it in my head with an actual sand beach. Lots of shells there. Thoughts of collecting some shells, breaking them up, and making some sort of mosaic thing with them. Thoughts of going to the beach sometime for sunrise.

Went and looked at most of the windows for the Windows Art Project Sunday early evening. It was a real shame to see how much most of cthulhia's eggs had faded. It will be really interesting to see the contrast between the sides that were in the sun and the sides that weren't. Lots of other neat stuff.

Dinner at my sister's Sunday night. She made eggplant, which I actually liked. They made eggplant last time I was over, too. I generally don't lik eggplant, but I've liked it the two times I've had it over there, so it may be worth another experiment in cooking methods. I made smoothies with fresh watermelon, some strawberry sorbet, a splash of milk, and some ice. Yum.

All in all, a nice weekend. Oh, and I also got my room in pretty good shape, with some help. There are still some boxes in the closet, and a few more things to put away, but I got my painting hung, a bookcase put in, my clothes put away. It looks like an actual bedroom now. There's a small table in there, now, which I think I'm going to stick in the corner and try to use as a writing desk. We'll see what actually ends up happening with that.

Oh, and the basement got cleaned up, too, so now we have room to do stuff down there. There was talk of moving the computer desk, but that hasn't happened yet, and it's not likely to happen before roleplaying tonight. I'm not sure it's necessary, but it was said that it might be nice not to get so startled when someone comes down the basement steps and you've got your back to them when you're at the computer.
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