Queue (queue) wrote,

Marketing job

So, we've now posted a job listing at Bookbuilders.


I think our ideal candidate would be someone who has a year or so of experience in marketing for publishing. However, I think the most important criteria are that the candidate has some publishing-industry experience (someone who has worked at a bookstore was mentioned as a possibility) and is able to work independently to get all the little tasks done that need to be done (while also being creative enough to come up with new and interesting ways to promote the books). And I think we would also feel OK hiring someone right out of college if they had just the right attitude and competencies.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in this job, feel free to send your resume to me or to the address listed in the job ad. I don't get a bonus if I refer someone, just the satisfaction of having someone right for the position working here. Your resume might get my bosses' attention slightly faster if you send it to me (because I will promptly print it out and walk it over to them), but there's not necessarily any other advantage to sending it through me.

I'd be happy to talk (and talk and talk and talk) about the company, and I think I can represent the company well enough that you could figure out if this is a place where you'd fit in or not.
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