Queue (queue) wrote,

A good end of the work week

  • I sent a bunch of emails on Wednesday to people giving talks at GDC that sounded like they might make interesting books. I heard back from one of the more interesting ones yesterday, and he sounds interested and motivated, so we're going to talk at GDC.
  • I finally sent the big four-color book I'd been working on to the authors yesterday. I've already heard back from three of the five authors, and they all really like how the book looks. My boss also likes it.
  • I had sent out my first contract a while ago. There were some things about the contract that the author didn't like, and I spent some time giving him a detailed response about why we couldn't change it to how he wanted it. I was really nervous that he wouldn't want to sign the contract, but he just emailed me saying that he's going to sign it. My boss thinks he will be a difficult author to deal with, but I'm just excited to have my first contract signed (almost).

I was remarking to someone recently (possibly my officemate?) that it would be neat to be able to blog about all the stuff that goes on at work. However, I wouldn't want to do it here, since (a) I might say some bad things about authors, and I wouldn't want there to be a chance of it getting back to them, and (b) some things I'd want to talk about I couldn't really talk about in semi-public until later (details about books where we haven't signed a contract, for example). There is the thought of starting a blog with no connection to this blog and keeping it anonymous, but I also worry that, even if I don't use names or book titles, someone could easily figure out where I'm working and (a) and (b) above might still apply. Anyone have thoughts about that?
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