Queue (queue) wrote,


I walk to work every day. I know it's not much exercise, but I figure it should count for something. Since I finally have my bike again, I decided I would try riding it this morning. Completely different leg muscles used for biking than for walking. Less than a mile and I'm feeling the burn. And my stomach feels all blah. Of course, it might also have something to do with the less than five hours of sleep I got last night.

The chain slipped trying to switch gears when I first started riding it, but it was OK after that. The brakes could use a little alignment, and I think I could stand to inflate the tires a bit more. I guess I should take it in to a bike shop. And I should get a cuff for my right leg, something reflective for my top half, and probably some lights, although I don't think I'll be riding it after dark too much during the spring and summer. Anyone happen to know a good bike shop in Wellesley?
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