Queue (queue) wrote,

Weekend Work Blogging

I think it might be somewhat cool to work, say, Saturday through Wednesday, and then have my weekend be Thursday and Friday. I really like being in the office by myself on the weekends. No one bothers me, and I can concentrate on getting things done. If other people come in, they're also busy taking advantage of the fact that no one is bothering them. And then I'd have three days to be in the office with other people, so I could ask questions and such.
I checked the forecast this morning, and we're supposed to get snow today, with possibly two to four inches of accumulation. I think I want to get two chapters done today and then head home before the snow gets heavy. We'll see how that plan works out.
I got three Netflix envelopes yesterday. I finished up Season 2 of Smallville last night. Pretty cool. I'm glad I don't have to wait months for the next season. I put a few things before Season 3, though, so that I have some time to digest Season 2 and build up a little bit of anticipation. The third envelope was I Heart Huckabees. I don't suppose anyone wants to come over today to watch that? Say any time after 3? There is the caveat, however, that my house is a mess. If someone is coming over, I'll probably make sure to clean up the worst of it, though.
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