Queue (queue) wrote,

I'm in a Mood

I'm feeling anti-social today. As evidence, I'm turning down a free sushi dinner with my co-workers. I mean, yeah, I'm feeling kind of tired and maybe a little sick, too, but mostly I'm just not feeling like dealing with people. Or I might actually be in the mood to get in a fight or something, which also means that I should be dealing with people as little as possible today. Not sure what's going on. On the walk to work this morning, my heart started beating faster, and I found myself just getting angry. Not for any particular reason, just something about having all of this stuff to do at work, I guess. I got the feeling that I really wanted to do some hard exercise. I might try to go for a run after work today. Other than one evening of racquetball last month, I haven't really done any non-walking exercise in far, far too long.

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