Queue (queue) wrote,

Weekend Work Blogging

About two minutes ago, I noticed a few little bits of white slowly floating in the sky. Now it's a full-on flurry. And just as I'm typing this, it's settled down a bit more. Very pretty. I really like having something of a view out my office window.
I've got a book I'm typesetting that is pretty fun. The most work is entering the edits from the authors. They submitted a draft version, which is what we sent to the copyeditor. Then they submitted changes to their draft version. So now I get to incorporate the authors' changes onto the copyedited manuscript and then enter them into the files. The typesetting itself is the fun part. It's not all that difficult, but there are enough little weirdnesses to make it interesting and challenging. Plus, the book is four-color, so that adds to the fun. I'll be working on this pretty much full time in order to get it out to the authors when I said I would, but I think it's doable.
The next time I go shopping, I should pick up something that can serve as a portable breakfast and snack for when I'm working on weekends. I don't really feel like eating before coming in, and I don't really feel like taking a break to eat at work (although I could make myself a sandwich or something, since I have bread, peanut butter, and jelly in the office). And speaking of food, I really could use some kind of snack at the house other than cheese and crackers. The only problem is that, if something is convenient and snackish, I'll tend to eat all of that first before taking the effort to cook something. I need to learn to use snack food as snacks instead of, say, eating a pint of ice cream for dinner.
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