Queue (queue) wrote,

B&E in NYC

I don't have time to write a lot right now, but I'll put a little bit down.

Friday, cthulhia got an invite to what we thought was a birthday party for a guy she knows in New York. So she, prog, and I decided to go to New York Saturday. It was a decent drive, filled with nice conversation and some Jotto, and it included a stop at Rein's deli, where I got heartburn and picked up some Kosher bubble gum with Hebrew writing on it for magid.

So, anyway, I took over driving at some point, and then we got into NYC. Having never really been there, and certainly never driven there, it was a lot of fun. We ended up missing a turn for the place in Brooklyn, but that was okay, since we would have been way too early. So we drove into Manhattan, and I got to drive on, among other things, Broadway, 42nd street, and Times Square. Very neat, indeed. Got back to the party, and found out it was just a party and the guy was happening to go to it. His birthday party isn't actually until next weekend. But, we hung out at the party anyway. It was too much for prog, so he and I spent most of the time hanging out in the hall. Went in for a while to listen to some of the music, and the 2nd act to go on was this performance art thing that was pretty neat. The first act proved that, if you own a cool warehouse loft, you dn't have to be able to sing to be the lead singer in your own band.

So, we crashed at this guy's place, and he was going to sleep at his girlfriend's, so he gave us the keys. Two keys, both for the two front security doors, and then hhe left the door to his actual apartment (one room) open. Well, to make a long story short, since I've gone on for quite a while already and people are waiting for me, the key wouldn't work, so after about 15 minutes of repeatedly trying the key, ringing people's doorbells, and knocking on the first floor window (apparently, no one else in the building of 5 apartments was home), we decided that we really needed to get in there, since we had shit in there. So, I got a boost up to the fire escape and climbed up, narrowly avoiding death on the 2nd step that was pretty much rusted through, frightened the whole way up because of that, thinking every step would break, going up four floors and only being able to get in the window because he has a window air conditioner, which I was able to move out of the way. I obtained a nice cut on my right hand some time during my criminal activites, and I think my wrist and arm and elbow hurt a bit from whatever jarring caused the cut. But I was lauded with much praises and compared to Batman, so it was okay.

Trying to sleep in New York was interesting, what with the traffic and the impromptu 30-second street musicians. Or maybe it was just car radios. Or people wandering out of one of the clubs down the street. Okay, time to go so I can get back to see the Alloy Orchestra play to Metropolis.

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