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I spent most of yesterday working on something that I didn't expect to be working on, so I didn't get to do the things I had intended to do. Right at the end of the work day, though, I got two reprints off to press, so I left work feeling I had accomplished something at least.

Then I watched Les enfants du paradis, a French film completed in 1945. I guess the film took a while to complete, what with the German occupation of France and all. The movie's IMDb page says that a number of members of the French Resistance worked on this film, as it gave them a place to hide. It also says that one of the actors was a Nazi collaborator and fled during filming when the Allies landed in Sicily (the movie was filmed in Nice). Oh, and apparently the person who replaced him was the son of the painter Renoir. It was a neat movie. I can't say that I loved it as much as some modern movies, but it was certainly fun.

It's also long (just over 3 hours), so I didn't get home until close to midnight. I find it very difficult to go to bed as soon as I get home, no matter what time I get home. It just so happened that I received the second disc of Season 2 of Smallville yesterday, so I ended up watching the whole thing and not getting to bed until 3. Some good bits in there, although I'm getting slightly tired of the writers harping on the whole Lana-doesn't-trust-Clark-since-he-won't-tell-her-his-secret thing. But it was really cool to see Ryan again. I think it would be really cool to have him as a recurring character, but of course, he's not part of the Superman story, so they killed him off. The Ryan episode was also cool because it foreshadowed Clark finding his Fortress of Solitude. I'm willing to bet that will happen this season.

OK, since I'm at work, I suppose I should actually do some work. Time to finish up the latest issue of the journal, and then maybe I can get some quality typesetting time in. I don't really feel like being here too long, but I want to make up for not getting this stuff done on Friday. But I also want to make sure that I get home before the snow starts, and I likely will actually take tomorrow completely off (except for maybe reading some of our books).
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