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I found out today that I'm going to at least two more conferences this year. That brings the total to 4 confirmed (although one is in Boston, so it doesn't really count as travel. I'll probably get to stay in a hotel, though), and I don't see why I won't go to the 2 conferences again this year that I went to by myself last year. So, here are the places I'm going to this year (I'm giving the dates of the full conference. The exhibition doesn't run the full time for some (most?) of the conferences).
  • March 20-24, San Jose, California - Game Developers Conference
  • April 26-29, St. Louis, Missouri - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting
  • July 30 - August 3, Boston, Massachusetts - SIGGRAPH
  • September 4-8, Vienna, Austria - Eurographics
  • October 10-12, London, Ontario, Canada - FuturePlay
  • October 29 - November 3, Baltimore, Maryland - IEEE Visualization

Did you catch that little item in the middle? I get to go to Austria! I get three weeks of vacation, and it's quite possible I won't have used any of it by then, or at most a few days. So, since the company is going to be paying for the airfare, I'm thinking about maybe taking some vacation time and doing a little bopping around Europe. Of course, my last attempt at a vacation by myself didn't go so well, but we'll see. Maybe I can convince someone to meet me somewhere in Europe. Or maybe I'll just go visit all the German authors I've worked with in the past 9 months (I haven't counted, but it's quite possible I've worked with more German authors than non-German authors). In any case, I'll at least get to see Vienna and Salzburg.
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