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I had been home for a little bit when I got a call from my landlord. She wanted to tell me I should stay away from the driveway, lest I pick up some soot and bring it into my apartment. Why would there by soot in the driveway? Apparently, their jeep-thing (wood-paneled something, maybe an old Suburban?) caught fire today, and it's apparently still there until the insurance company comes to check it out and drag it away. The husband had driven it to the dump, and came home, and got a call from the neighbor telling him that the car was on fire. The fire department took about a minute to get there, but there were already some sizable flames, I guess. They said that it was lucky that the wall on that side isn't wood (the basement is on ground level on that side of the house), otherwise there would have been real trouble (and I probably would be typing this from work).
At work, there are two books we're trying to get out for GDC. I'm pretty sure we're going to get the smaller one (~150 pages) out, but I'm worried about the larger one (~625 pages). Anyway, I had a really productive day working on the larger one, and I brought some more work on the larger one home to work on while watching TV. I've been fairly productive this evening, too, so I think I'll feel pretty good tomorrow.

Of course, what with working on the smaller book all weekend, and working on the larger book a lot of last week (well, and a lot of the past few months), I haven't been spending much time on other projects. I think I'm going to have to work this weekend just to get some work done on some of those other projects. And I also think I might have to work next weekend (when I'm supposed to be going to my mom's with my sister), which is when the major crunch to get the larger book to the printer on time is going to happen.

I just hope this fucking book doesn't burn me out.
Besides watching various Law & Order shows, I've also been watching a bit of poker, which is on at least three channels at various times. I think I could really get into playing Texas Hold'em with people. Unfortunately, I'm not around people outside of work so much these days, and there are a lot of things I'd like to do with my non-existent free time before playing poker. So I guess I'll just content myself with watching.
I bought some polenta last time I was at the grocery store, inspired by some tasty polenta I had at magid's (I think I've only ever had polenta in restaurants and at her place). So tonight, I baked some polenta slices and then melted some pepper jack cheese on them. Yum. I think I'll definitely be using polenta more.
I'm kind of tired, so I should probably go to bed now. I suppose I could justify staying up to watch some more poker if I also did some more work.
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