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June 20th, 2002
11:24 am


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Country one-two rhythm
Went out to see Jim's Big Ego at the Kendall Cafe last night. They are awesome live, with little impromptu songs that just come from Jim starting to talk. They're there every Wednesday in June, so I'm thinking about going next week, too. Maybe get there a bit earlier so I don't have to stand the whole time.

Didn't get home until close to 1. Woke up at some absurd hour and slept on and off until finally getting up out of bed at 7:40 (I've been known to have been at work for an hour already by that time). Finally got in to work at 9:30. Blech. I'm thinking about shortening my day today so that I don't have a heinous drive home, and so that I can get some stuff done at home today. That means staying longer tomorrow, but I'm also planning on trying to get in by 6:30 tomorrow, so we'll see.

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