Queue (queue) wrote,

Got up at 10:15 and finished the work that I absolutely had to get done. I should probably do some more work, so we'll see how I feel after I eat and watch some TV.

Stayed up until 4:15 last night. I watched Robots (fun) and Primer (cool but a bit confusing) yesterday, followed by lots of Law & Order. Then I stayed up to watch the first four episodes of Smallville (neat, and I'm definitely going to watch the rest of the series. Thanks for the recommendation, bitty).

On Friday, I went and saw a . . . thing . . . at the Loeb Ex with magid. I guess you could call it a play, but the last part of it was trying to be a this-is-not-a-play-omg-the-actress-is-freaking-out kind of thing, and it was just weird. If you want a better description of it, I'm sure magid will write it up soon.

Time to make some bacon and find something to watch.

P.S. It was snowing earlier, but it appears to have stopped. It's apparently supposed to be up in th 40s this week.
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