Queue (queue) wrote,


I woke up really early this morning, but I decided to go back to sleep. The reason I didn't get up and go to work was that I would just feel weird leaving at 12:30 after a full day, especially the day after I gave notice. Of course, I probably needed the extra hour of sleep, too.

With the sun rising really early, I find myself waking up earlier. I think I may try to go to bed early when I can, and then just get up when I naturally wake up from the sunlight. I may try to do something with that time, before heading in to work at a more reasonable hour. However, I just know that, once I'm up, it will be so hard to fight the urg to just go into work right away, so that I can take off earlier.

I have an opportunity to go to bed early tonight, so I might try it out and see how it goes.

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