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Interview - Queue — LiveJournal
June 17th, 2002
01:52 pm


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I just realized I haven't said anything about my interview yet.

Interview at O'Reilly on Thursday. I thought it went really, really well. I was a little hesitant about the job description going in there, but I figured that just getting into O'Reilly would be worth it. Well, I learned that the actual job description is a lot more exciting to me, and pretty much exactly what I want to be doing right now. And it seems that my background and experience fit very well into what they're looking for for this position. And O'Reilly seems like an awesome company to work for. And my interviewer (who would be my supervisor) knows the famous author that I know and even mentioned his Friday-afternoon game sessions (she never participated because she's nervous about not knowing the rules).

I got an editorial test (yay! I was hoping for a test), did it, and had it faxed in today. Second interviews are going to be scheduled for the end of this week or the beginning of next week, so I should hear really soon one way or the other. I really think I should get this job, but I just have absolutely no idea about the competition, other than that there is some.

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Date:June 17th, 2002 11:11 am (UTC)
Cool, I was wondering. Good luck! :)
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Date:June 18th, 2002 04:37 am (UTC)
Thanks :-)
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