Queue (queue) wrote,

Woke up with a bit of a sore throat, so decided to call in, since I didn't want it to get worse and also didn't want to pass it along to co-workers. I guess I really needed to stay home, because I slept another 3 hours after that. I'll probably sleep some more soon, too. Having a breakfast of toast and tea with honey and lemon.

No dreams with hrafn last night, but I did again have a dream with a bird (I bought a conure (same genus as Claude and Edgar), not sure why, then was going to buy a second one, but wasn't sure I wanted to deal with taking care of two birds. I chatted with the lady behind the counter at the store about it, saying I knew that birds were social creatures and I really should have more than just one) and a dream about moving (I was packing everything up, and I cried alone a few times, because I was really finally moving).
Tags: dreams
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