Queue (queue) wrote,

House update

Turns out the person who made the offer hadn't actually been pre-approved for a mortgage, so that fell through. If they get their act together, they'll make another offer. In the mean time, I had another showing yesterday. The one thing he was concerned about (as a number of people have been) is the lack of driveway/deeded parking. He is supposedly going to come back at night and see what the parking situation is like. If it looks OK, he'll come back for a second showing with his wife. We'll see.
As I was going to sleep last night, I though for the first time about moving to Wellesley. Since I am now seriously considering not buying, I could possibly actually afford to live in Wellesley (there was no way I could afford to own in Wellesley). Having my total work commute be a thirty-minute walk could very likely offset the disadvantages of not living in town (being farther away from my friends, mostly).
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