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My grandparents going to some funeral, and my grandmother referring to the deceased as "your father", when I knew it was actually my grandfather, but that's how she was used to referring to the person to her kids. But since my grandfather was there, it must have been my great-grandfather or something (never knew any of them).

Looking at some pattern made of two intertwining pieces of wire, one green and one purple (aha, color in a dream . . . I wonder if those colors mean anything). It was sort of a flat circular pattern, and the wires wound around each other in interesting ways. I was trying to recreate it -- or at least use it as a guide to create something similar -- with black construction paper (another color) and glue on a white paper background with curves drawn on it, but the black construction paper kept breaking, so it was fairly tedious. I was going to be flying, but I needed to finish making this design first. I went to the airport to scope it out, drove there on the highway, which turned into a two lane (I was heading at oncoming traffic and had to move over), and this seems sort of familiar. I didn't have my shoulder belt on, only the lap belt, since my automatic seat belt thing is broken (just as in real life), so I was worried cops would pull me over (just like in real life), and I saw 3 or 4 police cars, one which turned its headlights off. Then the road just turned into escalators, and I wasn't in my car all of a sudden. I went up the escalators and was on the third level, but needed to be one level lower. Ended up sliding down the side of some stairs. Then realized I should have jsut brought all my flight stuff with me and I could have brought the design here to finish it, but now I would have to go back home before leaving. And then seeing a memorial picture at the ticket counter for a flight that had crashed exactly 2 years ago, with my exact flight number. And somehow knowing or finding out that the same flight numbe rhad also crashed exactly 4 years ago, so I was wondering if they would cancel the flight. And then I heard a cell phone ringing type noise, realized I didn't have my cell phone, but noticed the noise got louder as I opened my pocket, and pyulled out my keys and noticed I had a pager on my keychain. Kit had sent me a text message some kind of little poem that talked about having a good time at some museum and some restaurant. I saw the museum and asked her if that was it. She wasn't there, so I must have called her (without a phone).

Okay, I really need to go to the bathroom now. Hadn't intended on typing the whole thing in.

Wow, that feels incredibly better. Going in to work for a few hours today. I really don't need to go in, since I've put in my full week already with extra training time and a department dinner Wednesday night with the office from Glenview, IL. I got in at 7 and the dinner wasn't out until 9. So, I am going to go in and put some time in the tmie bank for next week, so that maybe I can take off early again Friday or some other day. I've got a noon date (a nooner? err, well, not really), and we're going to the Museum of Fine Arts, then hang around downtwon, find some dinner, and go to Bread and Puppets. Tomorrow looks like it'll be some art thing, with a community sing which we may or may not attend, and then a housewarming party for someone out in Milton (I haven't looked at a map, so I don't really know where Milton is).

I think working know that it's all time bank time will make it eminently bearable, as will having something fairly doable to do. I probably won't get it done today, but I'll almost certainly get it done on Monday. At least that's the assumption based on what it is; I haven't actually seen it yet. And I get to play some Boggle at work, most likely.

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