Queue (queue) wrote,

Mindless crap

Top 10 Friend Matches

hurricanesong & tephia 131
pinkdrummer & missdimple 125
volta & rosefox 108
missdimple & obra 104
mabfan & ifuonlyknew 97
pinkdrummer & mud_puppy 93
ruralrob & ifuonlyknew 93
theora & jaq 91
gnomi & mabfan 90
bfo & obra 86

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The highest match is a pair of journals used to write stories, so that works. It found theora & jaq and gnomi & mabfan, which is totally not a surprise. I find it amusing who all it matched with pinkdrummer, my step-sister in high school. And I'm pretty sure bfo and obra know each other, although certainly not through me.
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