Queue (queue) wrote,


For no apparent reason, I think I smell bacon. I'm in my cubicle. the only place there is likely bacon in the building is in the cafeteria, which is nowhere near here. Sometimes thinking about something will make me think I can smell it, so I know it's possible for me to "smell" things that aren't really there. But I wasn't thinking about it at all, so it's kind of weird.

I am struck by the thought that I haven't had any bacon in a while. The subject of a BLT came up this weekend. Yum. Of course, I heard that people who don't eat bacon will do a PLT (pastrami). That sounds like it could be fine, too, but there really is nothing like hot, fresh bacon combined with mayo, tomato, and lettuce on bread. Yum. Maybe I should hunt down some turkey bacon or something and try to make a kosher BLT.

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