Queue (queue) wrote,

Cool email of the weekend

Well, okay, I have to say the email from O'Reilly was the cool email from the weekend, but that was actually sent during the workday on Friday, so I'm going to mention another email.

I got an email from an 8th grader at a Montessori school in New York. He thanked me for Zendobun, and he told me that he played it with his class of 9 people. He told me what rules they used (the first one was the same as the first email game, "contains exactly two three-letter words. The second one was, I think, "does not contain a four-letter word"), and said that they were able to play two games in 35 minutes. I've always wanted to play the game in real-time instead of over email, so I think I might try to convince some people to play, maybe at the next Looney Night, maybe at Origins.

It looks like he and his class are going to play some more, and he said that this will likely be something that is passed along in that school for years. It was very neat to hear about, and to get an unsolicited email from someone I dont know thanking me for doing something that I thought was neat. Whee. I think I may have to spend some time updating the Zendobun page, then, and maybe get another game going over email. The person who emailed me joined the Zendobun list, too, so that's pretty cool.
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