Queue (queue) wrote,


Paid an early morning visit.

Emptied the dishwasher and washed the growing set of kosher dishes.

Got the internet connection all set up.

Made some LJ posts, which someone was bugging me to do.

Showered and shaved (I can't really show up at the O'Reilly interview with a bald patch in my beard).

Made and ate a sandwich.

Relatively productive, although I should probably do some more cleaning in my room now, so that I'll feel that I'll have earned going out for a few hours later this evening, as it looks like I am likely to do. I opened all of the boxes in my room yesterday in search of a book, and now they are a big mess in my room (I didn't find the book, either). So, I think I'll probably try to put some things away in my room. There's a bookshelf out in the hallway, so I can put some books on that. That will allow me to get rid of some of the boxes. And I know there are books I probably don't need, like some old math textbooks, that I can get rid of. Oh, and I should probably try to get the game shelves set up in the living room and start putting games on them.

Slowly the house is coming together.
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